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The Ban The Bag PDX blog is meant to be a discussion, education and reference tool for the many communities around the globe interested in implementing common sense policies to mitigate their community’s contribution to marine plastic pollution and the myriad of horrors it causes.

We have several contributors, from different areas of the United States, all working within their Surfrider Chapters to foment positive change. Oceanic plastic pollution not only threatens fresh water and marine animals, it may also have serious human health implications. We are the apex predator of the maritime food chain. Beyond environmental detriments, plastic pollution is a major cost to taxpayers to clean up. Countries such as Bangladesh and India have limited plastic bag usage because of the blockage plastic bags create in drainage systems, which, in turn, causes flooding. Stagnant polluted water is a breeding grounds for bacteria. As of now 25% of the world’s communities have policies to address these issues.

After a successful victory in Portland, where a chapter of all volunteer activists took on a leviathan industry, it’s our hope that our work will inspire change in your community to. You can do it. This blog is here to help you with your effort.

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